What was this Gauntlet clone?
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What was this early 90's Gauntlet clone I remember playing as a kid?

It was for the PC, and wasn't entirely a clone, but was very strongly influenced by it at least. The graphics were fairly primitive by today's standards, and I'm pretty sure it was a DOS-based game. A lot of the initial enemies were waves of ghosts, and they had spawn points that you had to destroy. Another enemy was a whirling dervish type creature. It had a robust level editor. I think there were 99 levels that were surprisingly well-designed, a cheat code allowed me to warp to any level, and the final level was a difficult, gigantic floating skull?

(I'm not thinking of Get Medieval, by the way. This is earlier.)
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No, IIRC this took place almost entirely in a monochromatic dungeon setting, with black floors and grey/off-white walls...
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I think this might have been demon stalkers. underdogs link here.
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Some more screenshots.
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Yes, that's exactly it! I've been wondering about this for years, thanks!
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Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this to happen-- I stumbled across this, vaguely recalling some game like this, but I was not prepared for what would come of this.

Those CGA Yellow/Green/Red screenshots just unleashed a FLOOD of memories from that time period. That palette alone sent me on a rapid trip to 22 years ago... It's actually a quite blissful feeling to have those memories come flooding in, as it's years of stuff that I had locked away. They weren't all good memories, but I've been struggling to recall them for years, now, as the "locked-away" portion of my life has been bothering me.

THIS is what did it, THIS SINGLE POST just accomplished what I tried to accomplish with a couple of years of therapy, NO JOKE. I can recall all sorts of unrelated things from the time period that have been buried away... and it just KEEPS GOING.

Thank you, Metafilter, for being the catalyst to my un-repressing of my history.
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