How can I get my Android browser to cut me off?
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How can I find, rig or code a self-control/freedom/leechblock-type solution for my android phone's browser?

We don't have the internet at our house, so my internet-misuse tendencies have redirected themselves from my laptop to my Android. I would like to have a program that will disable the Android's browser(s) after a daily-use time limit is reached. (The only app I've found that does this is a parental control app called Surfbalance, and it's not exactly what I'm looking for because it's made for small children and only lets you surf whitelisted pages--most of which are about children's art, the solar system, and dinosaurs.)

Do you know of an app I have missed? If not, can you suggest a workaround? I thought about just reverting to a dumbphone, but need more email access than I believe a dumbphone can provide. Could I get someone to code an app of this type for $100? If so, where could I find that coder?

Finally, I know the best solution would be if I developed self-control my ownself, so you needn't point that out to me (unless you want to share self-mastery-rigging techniques, or want to lend me the dosh to go to internet rehab :D ).

Thanks, AskMe!
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One component of your system could be droidwall, an interface to iptables which lets you easily disable network access per-app.
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Is your phone rooted?
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Response by poster: @ inigo: My phone isn't rooted, but I'm willing to root it if that leads to a solution.
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The main reason I asked is I was thinking there could be a way to use adfree with a custom blocklist.

A possible alternative (that I haven't tried, only read about) is tasker, which (apparently) has the ability to: "turn on airplane mode to conserve battery/reduce radiation, but turn it off every 15 minutes to check for SMS/voicemail." That page also says you can "passcode-lock sensitive applications", which (if you can do that in a time-based manner) could work as well, maybe.
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This would probably take some work, but I wonder if you could set up some sort of proxy on a remote server on which you configure which URLs to let through. It probably wouldn't be cheap (since you'd have to host the proxy somewhere), and I don't know how feasible it actually is... but it's an option.
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