Help me decide on the right iphone video strategy for my event
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I want to use my iPhone 4s to film a 15-30 minute event, indoors, just three people talking, dark-ish lighting. It doesn’t have to be perfect – this is for personal use, not commercial. What’s the best way to go about it?

More: I was going to get this iPhone video rig and mount the whole thing on a tripod. But… I don’t really want to spend $160+ if I don’t *have* to.

What gave me pause before hitting 'buy' was a review on crackly sound using the Owle that said the footage was unusable due to the poor sound quality. I don't need to to be crystal, but it does need to be audible.

I don’t need to do any zooming in/zooming out. We’ll be indoors though and the lighting will be gloomy. Also, I'll have to put the iPhone a couple of feet from where we're standing, I think. (But maybe not if that will make it impossible to hear?)

It just needs to be started, run for 15-plus minutes, then be stopped when we’re done.

Should I:

a) Get the rig, and mount it on the tripod?
b) Buy a simple mount, put the iPhone on a tripod (without the rig) and run?
c) Use the simple mount, tripod and light? or
d) Go for broke, and use the tripod, rig and light?
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Best answer: Get the simple mount, tripod, and a couple of well-placed lamps for lighting. Use the highest wattage 'sunlight' bulbs you can find. No need to blow out the bank with this.

As far as audio goes, if you're in a quiet-ish room and within a reasonable distance, audio shouldn't be an issue. You could always adapt a shotgun mic through a preamp and out to the iPhone, but I really think that's overkill here.
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If you have control over the environment and can place a digital recording device or punch into the existing sound panel that will make things way better. I use a lavaliere mic going into a tascam field recorder and synch sound in post production.
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Response by poster: I'm not able to implement any complicated solutions with sound. There is no sound system, just us + iPhone.
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Response by poster: Also, argh, sorry, will stop thread sitting after this, but cannot make room light or use heaps of lights. One small one would be OK, but room needs to remain low light.
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Best answer: Do a trial run in a similarly dark room. You're up against some physical constraints -- tiny lens, tiny sensor. I don't have an iPhone to experiment with, but my guess is that a video shot in low light might be barely visible.
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Best answer: I've never used an iPhone so I can't really help you, except to say that audio has to be your primary consideration. Picture is almost unimportant if you've got good sound (your brain fills in the difference) but a good picture can't rescue poor sound.

Take jon1270's advice and while you are at it do a sound test using the same/similar environment and distance from talkers.
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Best answer: The video camera may work, but with low light, it does some tricks to get a picture which add noise. Do a test as suggested and adjust lighting accordingly.
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