Russian dictionary support on the Nook Simple Touch?
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Is there any way I can replace the standard dictionary on my Nook Simple Touch with a Russian/English dictionary?

So I just got a Nook Simple Touch and I am really impressed by the "Look Up" inline dictionary function. However, I could really use the same feature for Russian books. Any way to do this? I'm more than fine with jailbreaking if it's required.

What I do not want is to leave reader app, look up the word, and go. It's the seamless integration that I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
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Looks like there are 2 issues: whether you can replace the dictionary at all, and whether lookup could work for words in Cyrillic.

This wiki makes it look like you'd have to find a dictionary specifically formatted for the Nook. Possibly the mobileread forums would have more information. This forum in Russian might be useful.
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btw, I should have said - also look into alternative reading apps, which might let you plug in your own dictionaries and possibly have better cyrillic support.
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