The Shakespeare of Brazil...
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Who are good candidates for reasonably being labelled "The Brazilian Shakespeare"?

Any time period will do but they have to be *famous* writers or playwrights or poets etc

Thanks for suggestions!!
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Euclides da Cunha
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If the category is "Most Famous Brazilian Literary Figure," I nominate Clarice Lispector.
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Isn't Cam~oes "Brazil's Shakespeare", just as Shakespeare is "America's Shakespeare"?

Oddness of the question's formulation aside, my vote for "greatest and most influential Brazilian writer" goes to Machado de Assis.
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You might take a look at this list of 20th century writers, though the order seems pretty random.
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"Machado de Assis is widely regarded as the greatest writer of Brazilian literature", black, 19th century, Rio, lots of irony, language as weapon. Fun.
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