Cheap Seattle Motel in the middle of it all
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I'll be in Seattle in a couple of weeks. Looked at the Kings Inn because its cheap and walking distance to the touristy stuff. Any other suggestions for cheap motels in the middle of it all?

I will be spending one day of a one week trip to Oregon in your great city, I want to make the most of it.
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Hostelling International Seattle.

Right in the International District, and less than a block away from a ton of bus and Light Rail lines that can take you wherever you want to go.
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Also, it's a block away from Uwajimaya, the best grocery store in the known universe.
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FWIW, I stayed at the Kings Inn for one night and it was acceptable.
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I stayed at the Sixth Avenue Inn on my last trip to Seattle. It was adequate and less than $100 a night. Definitely walking or public transit-ing distance to lots of touristy things.
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La Quinta Inn was surprisingly nice for the price. Free breakfast and free parking, too.
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Inn at Queen Anne. $75 a night, right next to Seattle Center.
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Green Tortoise hostel, $19.00/night when I stayed there. Fantastic tours, and free food at least once a day.
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I think your best cheap hotel bet is the well reviewed, well located Moore Hotel.
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The Moore

(on preview, what bearwife said)
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I'll second the Inn at Queen Anne, since that's my hood. It's a block away from buses to go downtown, Capitol Hill, or to the North (Ballard, Magnolia etc.), across the street from Seattle Center (Theatre, Ballet, Operahouse, Pacific Science Center, Experience Music Project); there's lots of food, bars, groceries, a 24-hour drugstore, banks, a post office, liquor store, within 1 block. There's a cab-stand around the block if you need it.

Enjoy your visit! Welcome!
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I would actually suggest hotwire or even kayak - you can get some really great deals this time of year, especially if you're going in the middle of the week.
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I enjoyed the Green Tortoise hostel.
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If you have a car and will be driving, I'd suggest going the Priceline/Hotwire secret hotels route. I've had good luck getting a decent hotel for a good price, specifically for Seattle (we live in Portland and visit Seattle a lot). The main trick to getting a good location is only to pick Lake Union, Seattle Center or Downtown-Pike Place. Downtown-Pike Place is the best of those, so try only selecting it the first time you bid, so that if nothing comes up for the price you offer (I generally start around $60-65), you can make a second or third offer by selecting extra locations and using Lake Union or Seattle Center.

Better Bidding is a message board where they try to figure out what the secret hotels are based on price, amenities and location. It takes a lot of guesswork and worry out of the process. They can also show you a median price range that's been accepted by hotels in the areas you're interested in so you can make a better first bid.

Inn at Queen Anne is a cool old place (free wi-fi, kitchenettes with stoves), but the rooms are tiny (if that bothers you). Other minuses: no soundproofing, the beds are hard to medium hard and most importlantly, it's back to back with the local Dick's restaurant. While that's good if you need a greasy burger at 1 a.m., it's not good if you want to sleep. They're open until 2am and they get early morning (4 or 5 a.m. onward) deliveries. If you get a higher room on the inside of the courtyard it'll cut the noise considerably.
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Response by poster: Apparently there is something going on the weekend I was hoping to visit. The 9th and 10th are fully booked in both the hotels mentioned. Hopefully we can make it on a weekday.
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