Basic circuit element symbols in DWG format
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I'm using DraftSight to make some circuit diagrams and I am looking for basic circuit symbols in DWG format. I've found a nice collections of circuit element symbols in WMF format, but am having a hard time finding a converter on a decent web site. Decent web site as in one that doesn't look like a malware factory.

I'm new to CAD and DWG files. I've mostly hand drawn my circuit diagrams. Now I'm required to put my drawings in DWG format. I'm looking for a collection of circuit diagram symbol blocks in DWG format so that I can use the freeware DraftSight.

I've found a nice collection of WMF symbols here:

A freeware converter utility to move these WMF files into DWG format would probably work just as well. Thanks!
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If you have Illustrator or Visio, they should be able to convert WMF in DWG or DXF.
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Inkscape (free) also opens WMF
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Response by poster: I have Inkscape and it can convert the WMF to DXF but no clear way to batch the process. Hmmm...
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Best answer: The QCad Part Library is free, and is in DXF format. This is basically a text representation of DWG entities, and should be importable into DraftSight.
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