Money from Zuckerberg?
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Can our non-profit accept Facebook credits as donation according to the TOS?

I work for a large non-profit (not American Cancer Society Large) but pretty big. I was thinking about using Facebook credits to allow people to accept donations.

I see that according to mashable Stand Up To Cancer used them for a telethon in Sept of 2010, but it seemed to be a special set-up. I found another thread on the Facebook dev forums that says you can't but that was May of 2011. I looked at the Facebook credits TOS and don't see any language that says you can't, but I may be misunderstanding it.

So can I? For all I know someone has already written an app for that, if so and you know it please let me know that as well.
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Well, I can tell you that facebook credits are not currency and so there would be no legal donation to speak of in terms of people "donating" credits which you turn into money. "Donations" of facebook credits are not tax-deductible. I can't find my damn reference, but that's been established. They have no cash value, much like gift cards, and are not tax-deductible if donated.
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Response by poster: Not as worried about tax deduction as I am seeing very small donations - lots of $1 donations.
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