Why? Because fuck you, that's why!
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Where did the expression "Why? Because fuck you, that's why!" come from?

My google-fu has failed me.
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Alec Baldwin's character says something very close to this in his Coffee's for Closers rant in Glengarry Glen Ross ("What's my name? Fuck you! That's my name!") Could that be what you're thinking of?

Link here: FU moment at about 3:20.
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Maybe Chappelle's Show? He says that in the Popular Copy sketch (the Kinkos parody one)
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Google Groups shows an early use in 2004 (though forum date stamps are not 100% reliable) and a few more usages in late 2008/early 2009. Earliest use in print I can find is in a book of poetry from 2005.

The simpler "because fuck you" was used in a Seattle newspaper in 2002 and in a novel published in 1986, which I'm counting as the first usage.
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Maybe related to this exchange from Good Will Hunting (1997)? It's in the third person, though.

Sean: My father was an alcoholic. Mean fuckin' drunk. Used to come home hammered, looking to whale on someone. So I had to provoke him, so he wouldn't go after my mother and little brother. Interesting nights were when he wore his rings...
Will: He used to just put a belt, a stick, and a wrench on the kitchen table and say, "Choose."
Sean: Well, I gotta go with the belt there.
Will: I used to go with the wrench.
Sean: Why?
Will: Cause fuck him, that's why.
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Smut Peddlers had a hit back in 1993 called Fuck You.... That's Why. It was pretty popular in the skate / punk circles for a while - - enough that it immediately popped into my head 19 years later.
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Another great Mamet line in this vein: "Where am I from? I'm from the United States of Kiss My Ass!"
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