All I got for my Linsanity was this stinkin purse
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Left my leather handbag on the ground during a sporting event and now it's soaked through with beer. Now what?

The bag is soft, thin and dark leather.

Is there anything I have to be careful about as the purse dries out because of the alcohol?
Will the wretched cheap smell of hops go away?
Should I treat the leather with something after it dries?
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Wash it a couple of times with saddle soap. Then treat the leather with a leather conditioner. Then polish.
posted by Sidhedevil at 7:55 PM on February 20, 2012

You could take it to a shoe repair shop for cleaning (they would probably love the business and might know a few tricks).
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Rinse it really good and then rub shea butter into the leather. Let it sit for a bit, then buff excess butter off.

My leather purse recovered a rainy Mardi Gras with this technique.
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This happened to me with a light green bag with a tumbled, pebbly finish. It had hideous dark stains. Washing the outside thoroughly with saddle soap, letting dry, and then conditioning, as Sidhedevil described, pretty much fixed it. Enough to where it doesn't bother me, anyway. It definitely doesn't smell bad anymore.
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Look for product called Lexol...used for cleaning horse tack (saddles, boots, bridles, etc.). Works great.
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