Help me find the bed of my dreams!
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Despite my minimalist style in general I have wanted a bed like the one in this article for as long as I can remember. Can you help me find one that doesn't cost $1000?

I'm a grown-up now, like no more college, real job, health insurance type grown-up. I need to get my mattresses off the floor and now I want my dream bed.

Pottery Barn has one that would be perfect! It also costs $800 + $150 delivery fee. That is a few hundred more than I can really spend.

Restoration Hardware is a little closer to the price range but I don't like the sold metal piece.

Things I like about it... The rounded corners (no finials!), the horizontal top (no curves, up or down), the straight, vertical bars.

I've looked all over amazon, ikea, overstock, nothing is quite right. I live in Austin, TX and don't care if it is on or offline. If you can just give me other stores I should be browsing I will happily do that. I've just never bought grown-up furniture before so I don't know where to start.

If you tell me I will have to spend $1000 and get the Pottery Barn one I'll do that too.
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Is this Ikea bed close? It's not totally horizontal on top, but it's pretty close.
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Would a full-size one work, or does it need to be queen/king?
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Probably not super-helpful, but: a friend of mine found an antique bed just like this at a flea market in rural Minnesota for $100. You might want to check antique stores.
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Charles P. Rogers has a queen iron for $800, with free shipping at the moment.
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Wesley Allen make nice looking and affordable metal beds. The workmanship is excellent for the price.
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I think you should shop secondhand. I searched "brass bed" on eBay and turned up at least three good matches on the first page of results, two of which were under $300. They were all listed for "local pickup only" in places far from Austin, but if you search persistently, you may find something within easy driving distance. A better plan might be to talk to local used furniture dealers and ask them to keep an eye out for you, if they don't have just the right thing in stock. You'll pay them a premium as middlemen, of course, but the total could still be within your budget.
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I Googled shabby chic bed frame and this came up.*nav_material/iron-metal*nav_type/conventional-beds*&currIndex=0&pageSize=32&currSort=item_score&sortDirection=desc

There's a few cute ones that are in the ballpark.-j03's wife
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How do these look?
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How about this?
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Penney's has a few iron beds with rounded edges; here's an example.
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Or this?
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You guys are awesome! For the record, definitely has to be queen. The first thing I bought when graduating was a brand new, actually comfortable, queen mattress set that isn't going anywhere.
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Try searching for iron bed. This website looks to have a great selection in your price range.
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Apparently Humble Abode is where I want to be! The Wesley Allen Laredo Iron bed is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for and for $400. Now I feel like an idiot for not finding it myself. I also can't explain how excited I am right now.
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Craigslist also has nice options if you can arrange to pick something up
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I was just going to add, if it isn't urgent you really may want to check out craigslist. I've been amazed some of the stuff you can get (in like-new condition) with a bit of hunting... I purchased a PERFECT Italian leather sofa that cost the owner $1,300 a year before, for $200, and a rosewood four-post queen bed for $160.

The one you are looking at looks really nice, but just in case you want mor options, can't hurt to check. Iron especially tends to wear well and not make much difference buying used.
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If you're up for a DIY project, my husband made our headboard out of iron gas pipe. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the whole thing, but you can see a bit of it in this photo.
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If it helps you bite the bullet and spend the money, I splurged on a Pottery Barn bed 15 years ago and it's the one thing in my apartment that I care at all about. When considering moving across the country, I realized that I could get rid of all my other belongings but would still have to rent a U-Haul to move the bed because leaving it behind is not an option. Totally worth the money. And I don't say that lightly - I'm a total cheapskate.
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Try out the bed first! You may like the look but not the actual feel. In that case, you might like this.
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