You didn't eat that, did you?
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Dog + fiberglass insulation = Bad. Right?

My friends and I are painting my place. We took the door off of a crawl space into an unfinished attic and my not so swift English Setter decided it would be a good idea to sneak in and check things out. Now she's covered in that itchy, dirty, blow in type insulation. I don't think she's ingested much, but she's licking her paws and scratching lot.

Just how bad is this for her and what do I do?

Thank You!!
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I would call an emergency clinic and ask.
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Yeah I would talk to a vet asap about it. The primary concern (I think) would be respiratory tract irritation. In humans some of the chemicals used to treat the fiberglass can lead to asthma and allergic reactions.

Call and ask. Perhaps something think and coating (like milk or yogurt) would be beneficial, but the vets are going to have a much better handle on it.
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My mother-in-law's puppy ate insulation and was very, very (as in almost dead) sick for a very long time. Get to the vet ASAP/
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Vet or emergency pet hospital RIGHT NOW. This is very, very bad bc well, your dog ate glass fibers.
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Some blown-in insulation is paper coated in chemicals, some is fiberglass. It probably matters a lot which kind you have, but either way (chemicals, fiberglass) I'd go to or at least call the vet. Take some insulation with you in a baggie.
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Bring some insulation with you in a baggie. I've never seen blown in fiberglass so it might be something else.
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I'd certainly get her a bath, asap. Wash as much of the fiber off as you can before it gets embedded. Then, as others have said, give the vet emergency people a call.
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We have the same type of insulation, and all of my cats have managed to get into it at some point. They slept in it. We just brushed them off and they are still fine several years later. Your dog could have a bad reaction to it, but chances are it will be fine after a bath.
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The blown in type insulation isn't nearly as itchy as the fiberglass batts. If your dog didn't eat any of it, I would brush her off, check her eyes to make sure theres nothing in them, give her a bath and just keep an eye on her. Luckily for doggies, they have fur which protects their skin unlike us bare skin humans.
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