I'm a little old kitty/ I live in Philly/ My teeth are filthy/ My breath is icky.
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Any recommendations for a vet in the Philadelphia/DelCo area? Little old kitty needs a teeth cleaning.

Money is a big consideration, although I have a friend who can help out. The closer they are to Upper Darby, the more wheelchair-accessible they are, the better.
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I really, really, really love The Cat Doctor in Fairmount, but they are neither cheap, nor near Upper Darby, nor at all wheelchair accessible. So, a terrific cat-only vet, but probably not for you. YMMV.
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We love Companion Pet Hospital in the East Passyunk area for our dog. New building, almost surely accessible (though I can't say for sure). Not close, though; sorry.
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You can ask the Spayed Club if they do it -- they appear to do things other that just spay/neuter, and they are conscious of costs. I've volunteered there and the vet is really good -- exactly who I'd want looking at an older cat.
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I agree with The Michael The 100%. Sadly they are expensive and not at all wheelchair friendly.The same goes for VCA.

Check out Cat Vet of South St. My friend goes there and likes them a lot. I found them so-so. I don't remember their wheelchair situation though.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. My cat needs her teeth cleaned and we've been saving up for almost a year to do so at Cat Dr. in Fairmount. We are crazy cat ladies.
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Note too that The Cat Doctor is operating at 1/3 strength since two of its three docs had babies within a week or so of each other, so appointments may not be immediate at the moment.

More accessibility detail: there are two steps from the street to the lobby, then another one or two to the waiting room.
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