Embedded Video Hosting - What's a good option for a school ?
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Hosting for videos so that they may be embedded in a school web-site ? YouTube ? Vimeo ? Picasa ?

My kids school want to embed videos within their website and are looking around for a suitable hoster.

They're not too keen on YouTube because they can't control the ad content embedded in the video.

The paid for Vimeo looks OK except ... they'd have to pay for it !

Apparently Picasa is now also allowing hosting of Videos at no cost ? Anyone have experience of this ? Picasa's part of the google-beast so surely there's some advertising associated with this like YouTube ?

Any other options ? Very small number of videos (6 a year) very low traffic (if a video got 200 uniques it would be surprising).
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@HuronBob - Thanks for that. From a quick look at their website it's not apparent that you can embed the videos within your own web pages - is this something you have experience of doing with them ?
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southof40 according to this instructional video, you should be able to. However, when I tried it, I couldn't find the embed code it mentions. I've not used the embed feature in the past, so I'm not sure why I'm not finding the code.
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hmmm.. however, when I log out of Schooltube and THEN click on anyone's video, I see the embed code down below the video window (strange that I don't see it on my own video's when I'm logged in, but hey, it's the internet, it's not supposed to make sense).
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Teachertube maybe. There is an embed link on the right hand side of a video.
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JWPlayeris not hosting for videos, but it is a possibility depending on how much space and control you have over the website. Basically you can embed the player on your own site and play your videos with it. It's open source and free for non-commercial use.

The downside here is the learning curve on how to embed it. The great part is that you actually place the player on your own website, so no risk of take-downs, and no advertising. You have control.

Obviously, it's not as easy as just uploading to somewhere like Youtube. Quick Start guide here.
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