What do you wear to interview for a job in unform?
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What do you wear to interview for a job in uniform?

I've always gone by the rule of thumb that you dress for the interview like you'd dress at work. But right now I'm applying to work on an ambulance crew, where I'd wear a uniform all day.

So what should I wear to the interview? My current uniform, from the small ambulance company where I volunteer? "Business casual"? A shirt and tie? Help me make a good first impression.
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my rule of thumb for a job interview is to dress 'nicer' than I would when I would work there.

This means a nice relaxed suit for a business-casual workplace, business-casual for a jeans-and-tshirt kind of place (ah, the golden age of dotcoms...)

You want to show that you will fit in, yet you also want to show respect for the people you will meet, by cleaning up and dressing up.

So I would advise against wearing your current uniform (it may look as though you are interviewing on the small ambulance company's time). Instead, go for a nice clean look that does not distract from what you want to say. Good luck in your interview!
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my dad is paramedic and their uniform seems pretty dressed up. They even wear ties(clip-on), so I dont think you have to worry about looking too fancy.
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You can never go wrong wearing a suit to the first interview.

Second and subsequent interviews dress one notch above what everyone else was wearing.
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If you do not have a suit, dress pants or khakis with a sharp crease, shirt, tie and blazer. Never show up for an interview in a uniform - it is going to convey the message that you are a "buff" rather than a professional. Make sure you are clean shaven and that your shoes are shined. Don't worry about the brand of the clothes - the people interviewing you just want to see that you know how to dress up and pay attention to the details.
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Definitely not your current uniform.

Nice slacks, nice shirt, nice tie. Ask the salespeople (if you need to) for help so you match.
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Definitely not the uniform. Wear a nice suit, with a jacket. You want to give the impression that you are intelligent, sure of yourself, etc. And I highly suspect there's no such thing as overdressing for an interview.
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