Copying old DVD of home movies onto my Mac hard drive?
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I want to copy a DVD of home movies to my hard drive (mac) and be able to watch them (and possibly upload them onto the internet). Copied the DVD files, but none of them will open with any of my current applications. Please help.

I recently found an old DVD of home movies that I made. When I made the DVD, I took a VHS compilation of the home movies and had an AV store transfer the VHS to a DVD. Now I'd like to have the movies on my mac hard drive.

I copied the DVD to the hard drive and I get this list:

I understand (?) that the .VOB files are the actual video files. Is that correct? How can I watch these on my hard drive? And possibly upload them to YouTube? Do I need a special conversion software or a special player?

The DVD shouldn't have any protections on it, since it's all videos of my childhood, unless the store that converted the DVD put them on there unbeknownst to me.

I apologize that I probably sound like a bit of a Luddite. I'm really unfamiliar with film/video technology (clearly).

Thank you everyone in advance.
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You can play them without converting them using VLC. If you want to upload them to YouTube you will need to convert them first using Handbrake.
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Is there a VIDEO_TS folder containing those files? The VIDEO_TS folder is what you would open with Apple's DVD Player (or other video player). Otherwise try VLC Player (free, and more robust).

How did you copy the DVD?

Normally you would want to rip the DVD onto your HD using Handbrake, RipIt, MacTheRipper, or other such program, which will leave you with a complete carbon copy of the DVD you had made.
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You should "rip" the full DVD into files more compatible and intended for computer use.


The VOB files are the video files. You can rename the "VOB" to "MPG" and they will probably play. And be editable in many but not all editing programs.
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You need to use something like Handbrake to convert them into a format you can display (e.g. MP4).

This, Handbrake is awesome. I had some dvds that i burned from digital tape years ago, and ripped it with that in a format like mp4 and then tossed those into iMovie to edit and upload to youtube.
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Just open your files with Apple's DVD Player. You don't really need any of these extra conversion steps or special third-party software tools.
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you can play the files with VLC. Vobs are not on the list of supported formats on youtube. You might need to convert them with handbrake first before uploading.
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