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I love to climb. What other activities might I like? (Caveat: that are doable within NYC).

I love climbing. Bouldering, specifically. I love the cerebral aspect of how you need to plot out your moves. I love how strength is important--and how you get strong, but that without technique, strength is nothing. I love how I can boulder alone, but that working through a problem in a group is even more fun. I love how every session you become measurably better: you get further on a problem, move up a grade, etc.

I'd climb every day if my body would let me. There's the rub though. My body can only handle climbing two days a week max. For now anyway. I want an activity that I can do those days when I'm not climbing. The only caveat is that it has to be something that can be done within the confines of NYC.
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I'm not clear if you're looking to increase your strength in order that you can climb more frequently, or if you want something to do other than strength-building activities.

If you want to increase your strength, then lifting free weights is the way to go.

If you're looking for some other kind of exercise, then there are cardiovascular options like running, swimming, playing soccer, etc.
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Not sure if this would be too similar, but you could try Trapeze school
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Yoga? It really helps improve your climbing, and you'll notice an improvement in your practice as you progress.
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I think climbing is somewhat similar to various crafts that require caution, patience, problem-solving, and both mental and physical skills, like fine woodworking, locksmithing, pottery...
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Have you thought about Capoiera? Abada has a number of teachers in NYC. I know Furac√£o is there and a good instructor.
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My boyfriend used to do parkour before moving into climbing.
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This might seem a little bit out there but how about Crossfit? The things that I enjoy about Crossfit are very similar to the things I enjoy about rock climbing.

Rock climbing is all about figuring out a problem, going for it, sending it on the first try, and if not then working on it until you get it. A lot of things we do at Crossfit are similar - there's a WOD (workout of the day), you need to finish it, sometimes you need to figure out mentally how you can conquer the WOD and get over your fears. Eventually you start repeating the WODs and comparing times/weights you used and you can see how much better you got!

We also do strength work and gymnastics work - so for example, I'm working on handstands right now. So every time I come in to the gym before the WOD and work on my handstands, and I can see myself improving every day. It's wonderful. Kind of like seeing yourself getting better at rock climbing each time you come in. The strength training we do is really rewarding as well - coming in every time and being able to deadlift more and more is just awesome.

Like with rock climbing, at first you need to start things on the easier side with Crossfit - but as you get better you eventually stop substituting moves for easier ones, and then you work towards "RXing" (which is doing the WOD as prescribed) once you are really good at Crossfit. So you see yourself getting better.

WODs are usually short and intense, like climbing a route, and they give you a rush, just like when you're done with a route.

Finally the social aspect is awesome - just like with rock climbing - people around you help you out and encourage you. It's delightful.

Bonus: you will get stronger and fitter with Crossfit and you'll see yourself getting even BETTER at rock climbing.

If I somehow managed to convince you that this is a good idea, check out the nearest Crossfit box to you and go to a free class!
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I came in to reccomend trapeze school also. I used to climb - now I fly. If you wanted to do both - your only limiting factor would be whether your hands could take it. Both activities are especially hard on hands.
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Yoga, specifically if you can find a class that focuses more on arm balances or inversions,if you think "regular" yoga is boring. It takes practice to be able to do some of the poses, and there are always more advanced variations of them. I can't do a lot of the more advanced poses, but I find that it is very similar to climbing in the sense that you have to breathe, balance, figure out how to position your body in order to be able to balance on your arms, or think about which muscles you need to use to life your legs for a headstand. I assume you climb at Brooklyn boulders, since you mention NYC? Have you tried a yoga class there? It's free with a day pass, and only $6 if you just want to come in to try a class (plus they have mats for you to use), that's as cheap as its ever gonna get! If you try regular vinyasa flow and find it boring, don't give up, and talk to the instructor and see what other classes you should try. I believe it was an ashtanga yoga class that i too, once where i pretty much couldnt do anything and just watched people do crazy arm balances and thought "how in the world can they do that!!" so I feel like at would be the perfect challenge for a climber to work on. Also, I find that if I do yoga or Pilates before climbing at bkb, then I climb stronger. It warms up my body without wasting precious forearm muscles or hurting the skin on my hands, so I can start climbing with less warming up on the wall.
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took once*
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