Analysis of the various post-CitizensUnited campaign finance reform proposals?
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Where can I find an independent analysis comparing likely effects and shortcomings of the various campaign finance reform proposals that have been made in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling?

I see on the Move to Amend website a comparison between their proposed constitutional amendment (to say that corps aren't people & money's not speech) and various other proposals; but is there a) an independent analysis of all these alternatives? and/or b) an evaluation - independent or not - comparing the MtA amendment & Lawrence Lessig's proposal for publicly financing elections via $50 vouchers to citizens, that's addressed here in the NYTimes?

(some other links I'm aware of: CU previously on askMeFi (Citizens United and 100 Years of Law? (Oct 2011), and for citizens, for being united, not for Citizens United (June 2011)); here's a recent argument that the CU decision has been misrepresented by the media (heck if I know); and Lessig and Greewald differed (Jan 2010; L links to G's take) on the Citizens United decision. )
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Best answer: I would bet that the Congressional Research Service has a decent report on this. The most recent one I can find offhand is here (pdf) but if you contact your Representative's office they may give you something more current. They are also collected here and there around the web.
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