Looking for real "American Horror Story" murder houses
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Trying to find houses, hotels, or other locations where multiple, unrelated homicides, unusual deaths, or disappearances have occurred over the years.

In the first season of "American Horror Story" the main location is nicknamed the "Murder House" because of the numerous, apparently unrelated, homicides that have occurred there since it had been built.

I'm looking for "real" murder houses... though it's unlikely many have had nearly as many as the one in that show.
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Well there's a section of Jones Beach in New York where police have found an enormous number of bodies. They found another last week, I believe.
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Could this list be useful? I'm sure there are others you can find through, if nothing else, the veritable Wikipedia ladder of information. I found that list by looking up a recently watched movie, 1408.
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but check into disappearances from cruise ships.
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A few years ago, I researched and wrote an historic Los Angeles true crime tour called Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice. It's my experience that, given enough time, most any big city hotel will accumulate a litany of unrelated homicides and suicides. Hotels are where people go when they're at the end of their tethers, or to be alone and vulnerable with strangers.

The most interesting synchronicity I found in my research was that one downtown hotel has burned repeatedly, always in years ending in "2." The St. George had major fires with fatalities in 1912, 1952 and 1982. Here's hoping that string is ended.
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Best answer: The Virginia Tech massacre, 2007, took place in the same place that the Draper's Meadow massacre happened in 1755.
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Best answer: The search term you need is stigmatized houses.
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The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous suicide location. Something like 1,500 suicdes and counting. Most of them over the last 30 years. It is more than one suicide per month off that bridge. There are even signs on edge of the bridge deck saying things like, "don't do it, there is hope in life."
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Best answer: This house in Silver Spring, MD, was the location of a double homicide in 2002, and an unrelated homicide in 2010. The 2010 victum, who bought the house in 2003 following the first murders, apparently tried to back out of the deal when he found out what had happened but had no legal grounds to do so in the state of Maryland.
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