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A film/TV show that concludes with a missile base?

Fragmented memories ahoy! I have vague recollections of seeing a film/TV show on TV at a friends' house when I was a kid - this would have been about 1987-1989, in the UK.

Whatever we were watching seemed to be coming to a conclusion at a missile base in the middle of a desert. A rocket/missile was about to be launched, and our hero - who was no doubt one of those square-jawed hunky types - had to fight a bald man to - possibly - prevent the launch of said rocket/missile.

It's been bugging me for some reason recently. I'm pretty sure it was a film, but it might have been a TV show. I'm 99% sure it was American, and 99% it was on ITV.

One more detail: thanks to InnerSpace, I had a fear of men wearing gloves because I thought they might have had electric hands, ala InnerSpace's henchman bad guy. The bald man in this mystery film was wearing gloves, and my young mind assumed that gloves=electric hands.
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Could it have been The Prisoner?
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I associate to Doctor No - the first Bond-film with Sean Connery. End-scene is of doctor No drowning - uncapable to escape since he can't get a decent grip with his gloves.
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