Raindrops keep fallin' [in] my head
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Sometimes when I sit at a strange angle or practice bad posture I hear a faint dripping sound, like a leaky faucet, coming from inside my throat, slightly to the right of my windpipe. It dissipates after a while on its own. Now what's going on?

Teh Googlez revealed nothing. Is this indicative of some general malfunction or something benign?
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Do you have sinus problems? Sometimes I can feel my sinuses draining when I change head position and it feels and sounds like something is dripping in one side of my head (nothing actually comes out though).
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I have this occasionally. In my case it's sinus drainage.
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I don't have an answer to why this is happening, but I wanted to chime in to say I have the same thing occasionally! It usually happens when I'm laying down and relaxed, then every time I exhale I feel a clicking/popping in the right side my throat. It's loud enough to be audible to other people. I always thought it was just a flap of skin or something waving around in there.

Strangely, I once went for a massage and while laying on my back, my throat started clicking. The massage therapist heard this, made a little massage motion on my neck where the noise was coming from, and the clicking stopped! This made me think that it's a common thing since the therapist immediately knew what to do to make it stop.
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