Cartoon fashion IRL: Help me dress like Noodle from the Gorillaz.
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Cartoon fashion IRL: Help me dress like Noodle from the Gorillaz. Stripey shirt - check. Still on the prowl for rad boots, funky hats and jackets/shorts/pants with cool asymmetry, weird pocket placements and military inspiration. In general, I just dig the style and am trying to figure out where I can shop for clothes like this - online or otherwise. I live in Portland, OR.
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Response by poster: Meant to include this link for visual reference
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Asymmetrical military-inspired jacket

Cool pants (in my opinion)

Even better pants

Rad silver boots

Ankle boots w/ some nice detailing

For more boots, try ShopStyle. You can change the price/color specifications that I've put in. This would be a good place to look for all the other stuff as well.
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Since you're in Portland, have you checked out Compound yet?
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check H+M they often have military inspired gear but cut girly, try the brands Kitchen Orange and maybe some RocketDog stuff (though you'll have to filter through a ton of ravey 90's crap), for bright pop t-shirts check out children's departments if you're small enough (I'm a women's 6-8 and boy's Large tees fit me) or try Urban Outfitters sale rack ( they often have fun pop-y tee's.) Check army surplus for hats and goggles. Honestly, her look is really simple. It's just how you combine it. Also, maybe use Polyvore to put together some outfits.
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Response by poster: These are great suggestions. Thanks so much, MeFites!

blixapuff, really digging that first pair of pants and the jacket...great little heads up for another few websites to check out.

oceanjesse, looks cool, but is Compound just for dudes?

RampantFerret, I used to swoon over Kitchen Orange years ago, totally forgot about that brand. Pricetag usually puts it a little out of reach, but man, do they have some cool stuff.

Discovered Brooklyn Industries on 23rd this weekend and picked up a few things - v cool!
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Sorry for the late update. Compound isn't even exclusively a clothing store. I'd check it out if not for anything else but the cool art and figurines for sale on the 2nd floor.
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