Buy Elements 10... or not?
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Stick with Photoshop 6.0, or buy Elements 10?

Should I bother getting Elements 10? I'm a very part time user of the copy of Photoshop 6.0 I have, mostly cropping, sizing and color balancing a few times a month. I can get Elements 10 on sale for $50, anyone think I should upgrade?
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If you're on Windows (you have a Dell, right?), get It does what you want, is up to date and it's free.
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If you have all the features you need and use, I don't think there's ever a compelling reason to upgrade. I got layers and vectors and stopped upgrading in uh, 2006 or something, and I am not a light user.
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If you are looking for newer features, try GIMP. It always seems to be a few steps behind PS, but it's free and does more than most people will ever need to do. A downside is that PS and the other creative suite programs are the industry standard, but that doesn't seem to be an issue in your case.
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Have you thought about Lightroom? Does all you want really easily and is aimed much more at the photographer. it has batch resizing and colour correcting which are a godsend for creating an efficient imaging workflow.

3 is also pretty cheap at the moment with 4 on the horizon
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I agree with amcm about GIMP. I used to be a Photoshop and Elements user, and I found it was always crashing on my mac (in addition to having an annoying update that never full worked each time I loaded the program.)

I find GIMP is way more stable (it has crashed once but this is about 99% better than my experience with Elements). Its tools are similar. I think the fact it IS a few steps behind PS as mentioned above makes it much simpler and more intuitive for me to use. Even Elements always seemed like it was bulging with features that left me confused (though I imagine would be helpful if I were a more advanced user.)
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I wouldn't. Surely by going from a full version to Elements you're downgrading, not upgrading. Stay with ps6 if just for the pen tool alone. I'm still on 5.5.
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DO NOT buy into the version treadmill. Bob Staake, an illustrator who's done multiple covers for New Yorker, still uses Photoshop 3.0
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