Paging Dr. Bronner (Refill)!
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Is there any place in NYC where I can refill a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap?

When I was attending college outside of Boston, I would occasionally venture into Cambridge, and in a food co-op in Central Square they had enormous bottles of Dr. Bronner's soap and other soaps and lotions. The store would let you refill your own bottles, and not only would it help the environment, it would also cost less-- at the time, I think refilling a 16 oz. bottle cost $3-$4, and buying a new bottle cost at least twice as much.

I've been trying to find a place in NYC where you can do this on and off ever since moving back home over two years ago, but no luck. I tried Google, but nothing came up, aside from a question I posted on Yelp about this two years ago, so I thought I'd try here. I've really gotten into using the soaps again, and it would be nice if I could finally do this here.

I can travel to most places in NYC, and having a wide variety of the soaps would be nice (I'm especially fond of the peppermint and almond versions for body wash, and at one point I used the baby mild for dish soap).

Thanks a bunch!
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You can buy the largest size of Dr. Bronner's (1 gallon) at the Park Slope Food Coop and then use that to refill your soap dispenser. You would need to be a Coop member, though (but I am sure other places in the city sell the large size).

It's not exactly what you are asking for, but I find a gallon lasts a really long time--6-8 months, using it diluted as hand soap in the kitchen and bathroom dispensers, and as body wash in the shower.
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Integral Yoga on W 13th (maybe). I know they have bulk but I'm not 100% sure they have bulk soap.
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Re: Integral Yoga -- Double checked and their body/soaps are available in bulk/for refill so I'm feeling pretty confident that they'll be able to do Dr. Bronner's refills.
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You could try the 4th St food coop in the E Village - they have bulk soap, not sure how much variety.
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Pretty sure 4th St. Food Coop has it in bulk, at least one kind, and that place is open to the public.
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