Odyssey of Pain? Does this photo exist?
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At univerisity in the 90s there was a book in the library which featured (as far as I recall) a man in a darkened room with electricity being passed through him sentried on either side by men in white coats (not an electric chair). The caption was "Odyssey of Pain". I have a feeling it was from a LIFE Magazine collection -- it suited their style -- but I was hoping someone might be able to confirm I've not been imagining it all these years.
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I don't have access to a computer to check this easily, but try looking up Nikola Tesla. I am pretty sure he has done something like this.
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Milgram Experiment?
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Best answer: Here's the photo.
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Best answer: Here's the photo with the original Life magazine caption.
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Response by poster: Yes, that's it. I'd misremembered the situation. Doesn't make it any less grim.
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