What's this Sci-Fi short story?
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What's this Sci-Fi short story? A scientist working on gender selection technology is contacted by future potential outcomes of his work (a male-dominated world and a woman-dominated world) that end up corresponding to the woman he marries.
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Dammit! I've read this. Can't remember the author or title. As I recall, he's contemplating whether to marry Betty or Veronica, and winds up proposing to his secretary instead. His future descendants go poof.
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Best answer: C.L. Moore's "Greater Than Gods" – it's in "The Best of" and probably other anthologies.
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Best answer: A review of "Greater Than Gods" sure sounds like the same story. It's been collected a few times, and can be found online (ahem), as well.
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Response by poster: That's definitely it. Thanks!
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