Washington D.C. doctor recommendations?
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I just started working in Washington, D.C., and I'm trying to find the names of a good doctor and dentist. Washingtonian magazine doesn't have their "Top Docs" list online, and other Google research hasn't really turned up anything. Because I don't have a car, the ideal doctor would have an office within walking distance of a Metro station.
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Here's an online list of some of the docs on Washingtonion's 2002 list. Here's an online list of some more. Or you could go to the library and track down this year's version.

I just started going to GIMG, which has several doctors on that list. They've been good for me so far, but I haven't needed anything unusual. They're by the Ballston metro.
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Dentist: I really liked Dr. Floyd in Arlington (he's over by the Virginia Sq. stop) when I lived in that area. I went to him a number of times and for cosmetic dentistry stuff too. Great guy, great staff. And they do email confirmations, which I was a big fan of.
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Washington Center for Dentistry at 19th and K NW (close to Farraguts North and West) is a really good dental clinic. I used to love the Washington Clinic in Friendship Heights, but it sadly closed.
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One of the most recent Washingtonian magazines covers this. Maybe even the current one (stopped reading the mag but I remember seeing it recently because i haven't gotten around to cancelling the subscription). E-mail me an address (my mefi name @yahoo.com) and I'll send you our copy.
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Of no help to you without a car, but perhaps of worth to other area folk reading this - I have been delighted with Fairfax Family Practice over in the Fair Oaks Hospital buildings off Fairfax Country Parkway/7100. Dr Lee Blecher is the fellow I've seen there and he's a great mix of thorough on his own and responsive to my questions and guidance (when he can tell I've done my own research).
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I recently used Doctor Oogle to find a dentist in LA and was really pleased with the results. None of the recommendations I received from friends/coworkers fit with my insurance plan, so I went ahead and chose a dentist based on the website recommendations. Of course you can't guarantee a great dentist that way, but I preferred having some recommendations to choosing a name out of a hat.

The website has a DC section and allows you to search by zip code. Good luck!
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Here's last year's list (courtesy of archive.org).
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