I can't bring sunshine - what else?
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I'm visiting an old friend in Seattle this weekend, and I would like to bring her a little something. What would be a good gift to bring from Los Angeles?

My friend is not very girly, so soap/other girly things won't really work. She's a bit of a hippie and not very materialistic, and really hard to shop for.

Oh, and another caveat: I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and I'm working today. What can buy tonight? Good LA specific baked goods? Some kind of booze?
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What part of LA are you in?
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I work in Burbank, I live in Echo Park, and I have a car and would be willing to go as far west as Fairfax.
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Personally, I think booze would be a great gift, especially if you can bring something that is hard to find since our liquor stores in WA state tend to not have a great selection. But, are you flying? If so, you'll have to put it in checked luggage and make sure it's nicely padded.
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Not really an LA thing specifically, but does she like spicy-sour Mexican snack foods? I always bring bags back from Chicago & LA b/c they're harder to find elsewhere (DC, you culinary wasteland, I'm looking at you). Mmmm, Sabritones.
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Failing some extra sunshine, what about a big bunch of tropical flowers?
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Citrus is in season. And the Echo Park farmer's market is this afternoon/evening.
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A bag of fresh local lemons or oranges or avocados ('cados are hella pricey here) would be nice.
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Peaches! Seattle peaches suck, especially in wintertime.

(And, contra jquinby, don't bring sunshine -- true Seattleites will recoil, hiss, and burst into flames.)
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The lemons suggestion is awesome. Particularly special would be Meyer lemons, which can be hard to get outside of CA.
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One other thought - is she a coffee fan? LA has great coffee roasters. The new hotness is Handsome Coffee Roasters and there is also Intelligensia.
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Coincidentally, my boss just brought in a bunch of lemons from her lemon tree.

Lemons+canter's hamentashen (my mother's suggestion) it is! Thanks guys!
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