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What are current rental rates (or rate ranges) for NYU and Columbia faculty housing?

Any info on studio / 1BR / 2BR / 3BR, from this year or as recently as possible, would be appreciated!
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"The price of apartment rentals are set by the university and are way below market rates (around 50%)."
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Response by poster: Thanks; have found various reports of like vagueness but seek hard numbers!
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I know of a small, high floor, one bedroom in Washington Square Village that went for around 1700 last year.
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You can get some ballpark info by looking at the sublets for Columbia Faculty Housing here, because the conditions of the subletting include that:
"The requested monthly rent under the terms of the sublease may not exceed by more than 10% the monthly rent under the lease with Columbia University. Sublets which specify a rent exceeding this amount will not be approved, and listings for such units will be removed immediately from the Columbia Web site without notification to the tenant."
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I have a friend living in Columbia faculty housing on Riverside Dr in a small one-bedroom for $1,700.
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Columbia faculty apartments are priced according to the rank of the faculty who inhabit them. Junior faculty pay far less than tenured faculty on average. A 2BR in a Columbia building is around $1800-2000 for an untenured professor. About 15% higher for tenured.
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(I think NYU is similar in setting rents in relation to salary. The standard post-tenure raise at either place is around 15-20%, for comparison.)
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The post-doc in our lab has lives in faculty housing. She pays $1000/month for a studio.
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Oh, we are at NYU.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all responses so far. More welcome, esp. for 2BRs and above. If you'd prefer to shoot me a MeFi Mail instead of posting here, I'd be very grateful, too!
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