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Boston food people: what bar specials still exist?

During the worst of the economic downturn, restaurants were offering specials left and right - special bar menus, dollar oysters, cheap sliders. Now that things have gotten a little better, I can't find any recent information on new or continuing offerings. So, where do you know offers special food deals (especially stuff like oysters, tapas, and other "bar bites") on a regular basis? These should be regular recurring offers ("Wednesday is Cheap Taco Night") versus more traditional "specials".

All restaurants at all price points considered. I'm just interested in it being a get-people-in-the-door special within the greater Boston area.

(I'm aware of Food Monkey's page but it doesn't look like it's been updated in over a year.)
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I can't point you to an ongoing reference page/specials tracker, but from my recent experience...

as recently as two months ago, Green Street Grill still does 'cheap' taco night on Wednesdays. (I am air-quotes ing 'cheap' since a $2 taco is not cheap compared to a real taqueria, but you aren't going to find a duck confit taco at a real taqueria either)

Sel De La Terre still does $1 oysters on Wednesdays after 10pm, a $2 bar snacks on Monday early evenings.
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Ten Tables (at least in JP) has hamburger Mondays: burger and their house pint for 12 or something. Only available in the bar, not the dining room.

Also in JP, Canary Square was doing (last time I checked) $1 oysters before 6 (maybe 7).

Tremont 647 in the South End has Taco Tuesdays (or Thursdays?). It's a good deal, and very tasty.
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Pretty sure that the Rialto in Harvard Square still does dollar oysters on Monday evenings.
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oh, and I can't vouch for which restaurants are still doing it, but some friends and I once used this Citysearch list for a week of cheap oysters and beer.
posted by bl1nk at 10:34 AM on February 17, 2012 usually has a list in the sidebar of such things. I know that Porter Cafe in West Roxbury does $1 oysters on Sundays and $3 tacos on Mondays. Redds in Rozzie have Sunday suppers where it's somewhere around $16.95 for 3 courses. Both places have really good food and a nice beer selection.

La Verdad in Fenway does taco Tuesdays, Ashmont Grill does $1 oysters on Thursdays, I believe. Monday and Tuesday nights Myers & Chang in the South End does a cheap date night. Definitely check out BostonChefs and you'll find more.
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Lineage in Brookline has a dollar oyster night on Friday or Saturday.
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RedBones has 1/2 price appetizers until 6PM. Pretty sure it is an everyday thing. They also offer a lunch special which is a heaping combo of whatever ribs we have at the time, along with chicken and sausage, served with beans, coleslaw and dirty rice and BBQ sauce. SORRY, NO REFILLS.
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Grendel's Den in Harvard Square does half-price appetizers during happy hour (which I think is 5-7pm, but call to be sure).
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McCormick & Schmick's has a "Social Hour Menu" (pdf) with a $3.50 minimum beverage purchase.
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Response by poster: These are all great, thanks!
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RendezVous in Central Square has tapas on Monday nights. Actually, the Stuff Magazine link that they cite has 4 WEEKS WORTH of what you seem to be looking for. :-)
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Pour House on Boylston near the Mass ave bridge has half-price burgers, 6-10pm on Saturdays.
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