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I'm looking for a word or phrase that implies offering a solution to a problem created by the same entity offering the solution. Or even just a created problem in general (e.g. created by society).

An example would be that a popular religion popularizing the concept of an afterlife with two very different destinations and offering a means of salvation to get to the more desirable location.

Or a drug company coining a name for a new disorder, that was previously thought of as just a consequence of aging, and doing this within an ad for a new drug to treat this emerging condition.
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To alcohol! The cause of - and solution to - all of life's problems! -Homer Simpson
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"Disingenuous ingenuity." You might combine those two into the single term disingenuity, a supplanted synonym for "disingenuousness" which has barely seen use in the last century and is ripe for repurposing.
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things a man say to the girl , "don't worry ", " I will take care of you " etc.-- before that she did not need to worry about pregnancy ; and before marriage she always had a job and provided for herself just fine ....
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"Conflict of interest profiteering" is a little inelegant but gets the point across.
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"Self-licking Ice Cream Cone" is the one most often used in my milieu.
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This is related to a recent AskMe on scams.

This is related to the fallacy of question-begging.

You can also call this kind of thing a "solution in search of a problem," "manufactured problem" or "manufactured crisis."
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Language is the liquid that we're all dissolved in.
Great for solving problems, after it creates a problem.

-Modest Mouse

Or how about "knife fight with a band-aid salesman"?
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"A solution in search of a problem."
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Need-created selling/marketing?
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Liz Lemon: What's vertical integration?
Jack Donaghy: Imagine that your favorite corn chip manufacturer also owned the number one diarrhea medication.
Liz Lemon: That'd be great cuz then they could put a little sample of the medication in each bag.
Jack Donaghy: Keep thinking.
Liz Lemon: Except then they might be tempted to make the corn chips GIVE you...
Jack Donaghy: Vertical integration.
Liz Lemon: Wow, that should not be allowed to happen.
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They're called iatrogenic problems in medicine.
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Loss leader? Tacos, 50 cents. Alka Selzer, $5.
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