The perfect console table / shelf
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Can you help me find a two shelf version of this lovely piece of furniture?

So I totally fell in love with this Enetri shelving unit. But I need a two shelf version, not four. I am highly considering a DIY version (acquiring this discontinued :( shelving unit online and then taking it to a metal shop to cut down to size and buying real wood for the planks and staining them)

But first I wanted to see if anyone has seen something that is similar to this. I love the wood/metal mix and needs to be wide.

Thanks for your help!
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It reminds me of the DIY plumbing pipe shelving units that always pop up on Apartment Therapy. Like these. You could totally make your own!
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1. Get the planks you want in the size you want.
2. Make a drawing of what you want.
3. Take the drawing and a pic to a metal shop and see what they say.

It might be cheaper to get one made from scratch than modifying one.
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