Holes in Old Wood
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I have a musket stock from a C. 1760ish Brown Bess. The stock is heartwood walnut. The original wood, both on the outside and interior, is covered with small holes beween 1.25 and 1.5mm. in diameter. These look like insect holes. Is this seen in British muskets and other arms or furniture of this era? If so, what might cause them? Can a forum be recomended that might be able to suggest what had caused these holes?
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Best answer: Hello, I would recommend you check in at The High Road, there are some bonafide experts on the board who could very likely help settle the question. I would post this in the Firearms Research or Blackpoweder forums, with pictures attached. Very friendly bunch there.
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Best answer: Woodworm (furniture beetle) is what tends to cause holes of that size in old wood. It's incredibly common in British furniture of any significant age. I've seen it in plenty of furniture, and I even had it in floor joists in my old house. The holes are likely very old.
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Best answer: Seconding woodworm, and seconding that the holes are most likely old, but here's Rentokil's page on them to check that it's not a current issue.
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Best answer: Sounds like woodworm to me - very common here in the UK, and not just in muskets. I had a teacher at school who had an old wooden-framed Morris Minor car that had woodworm.
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Powderpost beetles
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