Help my wife name her new latin Latin dance classes!
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Help my wife name her new latin Latin dance classes!

My wife, is looking to start her own line of Latin dance classes. We're in South Florida and would like a Latin-sounding name. Prior to starting her own classes, she taught a classed pronounced rumba-SHAY. She would like something along those lines rather than 'Latin Heat' or any of its variants.

Although my wife is an amazing dancer, she speaks very little Spanish and is having a hard time coming up with an name. Ideally the .com is available for whatever name we come up with.

If it helps, she uses multiple styles of music:

and others
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Salteja (sal-TAY-ha)? I made it up, but according to Google Translate it means 'saute' in Catalan.
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How something like Bailalo Dance Studio? Bailalo means "dance it", and I think the word has a nice cadence to it.
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I don't actually have an answer, just a personal an intermediate dancer (one still at the level of taking classes) when looking for classes in a particular style I would be less likely to investigate something that sounds like a completely new style? If that makes sense?

"Latin Heat" may sound lame, but I would probably say, "oh, they probably teach salsa! Let me check!" ...if I came across "Salteja" I might go, "what the heck is that?" If I'm feeling particularly curious I might check it out, but if not.... I probably wouldn't. Even if the tags are there, and it shows up on google, when there are a ton of sites that are *obviously* for salsa, I would probably check those out first.

But that's me. :-)
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Also: it is definitely different (to me) whether she is going to teach Latin dance classes that are you know - truly teaching a particular style straight-up, which often involves partners, ballroom dance school-like - or - is going to be teaching something like Zumba, which is essentially an aerobics class that uses Latin moves that you might find at a gym.
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