Uses for an old Day Runner/Filofax?
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Uses for an old Day Runner/Filofax? Looking for up to date ways to integrate a paper planner with online services.

I just got some things out of storage, one of them is my beloved Day Runner which served me so well through my early working years. Is there any possible use for such a tool these days, even if bound to my desktop?

I now use digital tools to organise my life, including Google Calendar and OmniFocus on my macs and iPad. I don't really want to entirely duplicate this on paper, so I am looking for inspiration on how I could use it. And perhaps links to nice materials to fill it with.

I know about projects like DIY Planner
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I often play with the idea of using a date-book or other sort of paper organizer for creative purposes, either ignoring the calendar aspect and just using it as a notebook/sketchpad/journal or possibly coming up with some sort of conceptual work of book-art related to the original function.

Then again, I also find that sometimes there's nothing like having an actual physical piece of paper to write things down on, especially at work. So you could always use it for its original function, or just as a landing pad for stuff to be organized online later.
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I keep my beloved (gorgeous A5 red leather) Filofax on the desk for jotting down phone numbers, "get worming tablets" type notes, etc. - it's especially useful when I'm on the phone and can't type one-handed while cradling the phone (also hearing impaired).

The iPad is lovely but it'll never replace good old fashioned paper and pen for those of us of a certain age!
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I use my old filofax as a Home Notebook. I use the address section tabs as dividers and blank notepaper to record things I need to remember on. Say what colour paint used in lounge is written in a section under P. Size of furnace filter so I don't have to track down to the basement each month. My Nieces and nephews shirt sizes so I can send them presents. Dogs microchip numbers. Basically I use it as a filing cabinet for all those little bits of info that can clutter up your brain, but you need to know to keep your life ticking along. Having it sitting on my desk and not having to wait for it to boot up or recharge to check the info is super handy and my husband can find it too.
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