History of Psychoanalysis?
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I'm looking for a good book on the history of psychoanalysis. Some more details inside!

I studied a bit of psychoanalysis in college as part of an English course, which got me interested in the history of the movement - how it started, its major early proponents (besides the obvious ones), what other intellectual movements it drew inspiration from etc.

Since then, I've been trying to find a book that covers the history of psychoanalysis itself without focusing exclusively on Freud. Is there some obvious text I've been missing? My taste in these things tends to skew more towards academic books rather than popular ones, but I'll take anything as long as it's interesting.
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Janet Malcolm's In the Freud Archives and Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession are not exactly histories, more like profiles with historical content, but they are two of the finest long essays I know of on any subject.
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Revolution in Mind, by George Makari is supposed to be quite good.
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A Most Dangerous Method by John Kerr.
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Thanks for the recommendations! I'd actually heart of the Janet Malcolm ones before, but completely forgot about them. (And there are Kindle versions coming out!)
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Not quite what you're looking for, but an interesting reframing of psychoanalytic history:
Toward Mutual Recognition
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