Pre-paid SIM in Japan
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How can I best get cell data while in Japan? I've got a GSM Galaxy Nexus that I'd like to use while I'm in Japan. Is it possible to purchase a pre-paid SIM? If so, where would these be sold? I'll be in Nagoya, if that helps.
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As far as I know, there is no GSM network in Japan.
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Response by poster: Oh wow, looks like you're right. I knew they were selling the Galaxy Nexus in Japan, and I guess I just assumed they were getting the GSM version. Thanks.
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There also are not really any free WiFi hotspots either. How long are going to be in Japan? There are cellphone rentals, as well as Wimax G4 broadband rental options, but for short term visitors these can pretty expensive.
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There's plenty of GSM in Japan these days. Apple has been selling the GSM iPhone there since 2008. Here's a MacRumors thread talking about carriers and SIM card availability.
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OK, it looks like "GSM" is a bit of a misnomer in what I just said, as the service in Japan is limited to the 3G UMTS/W-CDMA standard, which is commonly provided by GSM providers elsewhere in the world, and as such gets labeled as "GSM." So an old 2G or lower GSM phone won't work, but 3G and newer ones probably will.
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Response by poster: I'll be there for two weeks on the first trip, then another three weeks a month later. My company is paying for a cell phone rental while there, but I'm guessing it won't have internet access. I mainly wanted to have the Google Translate app as a backup. Plus, it'll be during March Madness, so I'd like to be able to check scores and visit websites wherever I am.

I'll look into renting a phone with internet access.

On Preview: maybe I called this too early.
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Well, I stand corrected.
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Best answer: Maybe this question will be helpful.
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Best answer: I'm not a techie so sorry if this doesn't apply: We were just in Japan and it's possible to rent something called a pocket wi-fi. They were advertised widely, and you can pick one up at Narita, or have it delivered and waiting for you at your hotel with an envelope for its return. Google "Japan pocket wi-fi rental."
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During a recent long-term stay in Japan we used "pocket WiFi", which is a portable 4G Wimax/WiFi router. It was great for home computing, although you had to stick the appliance right next to a window, but does not solve the problem of a cellular data connection.

I'm looking forward to see how the OP does in obtaining a 3G GSM SIM!
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Response by poster: MelissaSimon, that's actually a really good idea I hadn't thought of. And the prices, while not cheap, seem comparable to those in the link from the question clearlydemon pointed out.

KokuRyu, I'll try to find a 3G GSM SIM, but the portable hotspot thing seems like the less complicated, better solution.
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Mrs cmetom and I are heading to Tokyo in April and have booked a "pocket WiFi" device like MelissaSimon and KokuRyu mentioned above.

We have pre-booked ours from Softbank Global Rental and if you take a look at the website they also will rent you a 3G SIM to use your own device, so it might be exactly what you're after. We don't care about voice service so will just wi-fi our phones to the pocket wifi router so we can tweet and whatnot.

On previous trips I have rented a 3G SIM from Softbank with great success, and used it in my own phone - though for voice only as this was well before iPhones so I wasn't interested in surfing or email.

If this is your Galaxy Nexus, it should work fine with Softbank's network - which is "3G GSM" HSPA at 2100MHz.
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How long is your trip? I used my iPhone there just fine by calling AT&T and having international data added. (It's ridiculously more expensive than it should be, but for a short trip it works.)
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Softbank and DoCoMo were the networks I actually connected to with my phone, so maybe call them.
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