Is it really possible to 'steal' the nomination?
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I keep reading rumors of Ron Paul supporters sneaking their delegates into state conventions. How plausible is it that Ron Paul can get the nomination with this strategy? And if it can't get the nomination, what can he do with all the extra delegates?
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He can have more say in what makes it into the party platform.
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I suggested this to a Ron Paul organizer in 2007. Hmm...

It's definitely plausible according to the party's rules. Everyone just expects a Romney delegate to vote for Romney. However, my guess is less than a majority of delegate seats can be obtained this way. Even if Ron Paul does get the delegates, they might not necessarily get him the nomination due to some unforeseen mechanism or even uncomfortable pressure on the delegates. Several bright people are preparing fallback plans exist to deny the Republican nomination to Ron Paul or anyone else who may use this tactic successfully.
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Paul can't win, but he's fighting for the same reason Sarah Palin is pushing for a brokered convention.

If Romney has to buy off delegates to get the nomination, everyone he buys off gets a little bit of influence over the platform, a say in the VP choice, more time on stage at the convention, more time on TV as a surrogate, etc etc. And if he wins, then the skies the limit: the cabinet positions, all the plum book political appointments across government, Supreme Court nominations, Presidential visits to support your campaign, pork, and everything else that ultimately influences law and government.

Oh and for Ron Paul there's another big motivation. He knows he has no chance to get elected or even nominated, but he thinks that his son Rand might (2016? 2020?) and Rand will inherit all of his father's political assets.
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Aside from set the stage for Rand to run, Paul will use his delegates to: a) get a prime-time speaking spot at the convention (he was not offered a slot in 2008); b) influence the party platform on a single issue (Paul is adamant about Congress conducting an audit of the Federal Reserve -- it would not at all surprise me if he "exchanges" his accumulation of delegates in exchange for a shift in policy along this line).
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