Drive / Fast & Furious 5 Movie Night
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Double-feature movie night running order quandary - Fast 5 and Drive

Please don't critique the movie choices - they're locked! I need help with the best order of the two for an evening with driving-themed drinks and snacks, and with some inevitable chatting and food/drink serving during the films (sorry if you're a purist). It's a social night.

My instinct is to start with Drive then have a different kind of fun with Fast&Furious. Is that a mistake? I enjoyed both these films for a variety of reasons and I want them to complement one another as interesting and distinct approaches to 'hardware fetish' / 'man and machine' tropes, with great action.

Info: Fast Furious 5 is on DVD, Drive is Bluray; large HD screen with great sound.

Guests: mixed gender, movie lovers, cineastes, plus a few suspicious of cars/action who have been lured by the promise of Gosling/Walker prettiness or Diesel/Johnson beefcake (or in two cases, solely Carey Mulligan) plus beer, wine and food.

The interval will feature a ten-minute medley edit of classic movie car-chases. This is an ironic petrol-head night, no actual car obsessives will be in attendance as far as I know.
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Best answer: I share your instinct to start with Drive. It's a movie that I think rewards close, sober attention, earlier in the evening when your guests will be more receptive, and once they get a load of that Mistral font, pseudo-80s Europop, and scorpion satin jacket, they'll either be on board with the entire evening, or should be politely asked to leave.

The ending of Drive is kind of downbeat so I would hate to end the night on that note, but it would kind of ease people down through the interlude until you're ready to bring the energy back up later in the evening.

Plus, there's not really all that much actual driving in Drive, even though the atmosphere is suffused with Man/Car Love, so they won't be fatigued with the motif before the real car porn starts with Fast Five. Hopefully by that point people will be a little buzzed, so they'll either enjoy the relatively less demanding action of FF, and have fun riffing on it.
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Unless you can upgrade to a Blu-Ray of Fast 5, then your running order is pretty much set by the fact that you only have a DVD of it. If you run the DVD after the Blu-Ray you'll get complaints about the picture quality, so you have to run it first.
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If you run the DVD after the Blu-Ray you'll get complaints about the picture quality, so you have to run it first.

Or serve tequila shots as they walk through the door!
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I really doubt anyone will complain on the picture quality. I would go in the same order you've proposed -- Drive first, then Fast 5.
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Best answer: I would go Fast 5 first for a couple reasons. Drive put me in a huge funk that lasted for days after I saw it. I love Drive and maybe it's just because I wasn't expecting some of its more violent moments, but I would've been in no mood to watch something as lighthearted as Fast 5 after graphic death scenes. Especially because both times I've watched Fast 5 I've spent the culminating chase scene idly thinking, "there's no way those pedestrians managed to outrun that. That whole cop car is crushed; that guy's dead. Dear god just think of those insurance claims..." I'd find it a lot harder to enjoy the levity of that chase scene with Drive's violent images still rattling in my brain.

I'm also someone who likes to chew over movies after I see them. I'd hate to push something as meaty as Drive aside after just a few minutes in favor of something as breezy as Fast 5. Odds are I'd leave the party forgetting what I wanted to talk about from Drive or nobody else wanting to talk about score and frame composition after something as silly as Fast 5.

Finally, if this is a social gathering and people are going to chat through the movie, they're more likely to do so through the first movie than the second. I'd rather catch up with friends while keeping half an eye on Fast 5 than I would on Drive.
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Best answer: Originally, I was thinking drive/fast 5, but I think the setup for fast 5/drive is way more powerful. Like many people I saw Drive thinking it might be car porn, but not sure after reading about it on the internets. Drive starts off like any other muscle car movie, but then slows down and the last half pretty much blew my mind.

So, let the snobs scoff at fast 5 and cringe at the next movie and then it will slowly sink in how awesome drive is...
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Best answer: Drive first, because people will be getting progressively more drunk and relaxed as the night goes on. Go in increasing order of brainlessness.
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Best answer: Woof, this is HARD. I was dead set, at first, for showing Drive first...

But now I think that the point about Drive being a "serious" movie is right. I think what's most important is that you're not starting too late? If everyone is sleepy and/or drunk by movie two, Drive might be too hard. It *is* generally wise to move from goofy to quality, I think. I'm *pretty sure* I would do Fast 5 first.

Also I'm super jealous of your lifestyle and I wish to attend all of your parties, please subscribe me to your newsletter.
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Response by poster: All well-reasoned arguments! I completely agree with giving Drive the resonance it deserves and letting it rounds things off... But judging by the guests and the planned mood of the night I'm going with Drive then Fast5. I think those whom this presentation might have spoiled it for will have seen it at the theatre already. Plus - happy ending - one of the attendees is bringing Fast5 on Bluray so quality won't be an issue. And, yes, some drinks will have been drunk (and maybe spilled) by then.

Pedal to the metal.
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