Help me find this children's Bible
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Help me find the illustrated children's Bible/book of Bible stories I had as a kid.

I would think it's out of print, but maybe there are still copies floating around.

Here is everything I remember:
*It was hardback, and wider than it was tall. The cover was beige and it had a picture on the right side, though I can't remember of what.
*The title may have had the name of the illustrator in it.
*It had a story/summary of a story on each page, with discussion questions after the story, and each story was illustrated with a realistic looking painted picture. Nothing cartoon-y.
*This book had ALL/many of the OT/NT stories, not just the cute ones kids usually get. I can see the picture of Absalom getting his hair stuck in the tree as his donkey rides out from under him.

I have reviewed all the options brought up in this thread, and none of them are it (wonder if we are thinking of the same book?)
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Was this in the mid 80's or so? I think I remember it too, but wanted to check on the date before looking around.
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Did the illustrations look like the ones here perchance?
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Response by poster: That is the style of the illustration, griphus.

And it must've been from around the mid-to-late 80s, since that's when I was a child!
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Best answer: The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes.

How well I remember this one! Some of the pictures were creepy, they were so realistic. And as I recall, the book didn't shy away for children's sake from some of the messier stories in the Bible.
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Yeah, I had that book in Russia around the same time. The title in Russian translates to "Children's Bible." It looks like it might have been a translation of this book.

Also, I have to say that I was raised as a secular/atheist Jew and this was one of my favorite books as a kid!
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...and from the reviews:

"My 5-year-old son received this bible and I find myself having to skip over parts of the stories as some of the concepts are just too much for a small child and some are downright violent."

I think we have a winner.
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Best answer: Looks like it's still available, but they've reformatted it. It did used to be wider than it was tall, and kinda pinkish... but still with the same picture on the cover, as I recall.
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Children's Bible in 365 Stories - this is a new printing but it's had a number of editions.
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Response by poster: The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, that is it!
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FWIW, I've often had good results searching for older book covers at LibraryThing, so I checked over there and you're in luck...there are images showing wider editions of The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes.
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Response by poster: I was able to buy a copy on Amazon of the edition I had as a kid, and it's in perfect condition! Thanks all for your help.
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