if only I had the warranty...
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My Sonicare toothbrush is not working correctly. What might be wrong?

It's a Sonicare elite I bought less than 1 year ago. It has not been holding a charge at all (only up to half a cycle, about 60 seconds, then stops working). Also, the green light is always on, even when it's not charging, which makes me think it's more than just the battery dying. A couple days ago I let it die completely and charged it overnight -- same trouble. Any idea what could be wrong?
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Sounds like a bad battery. I'd call the company.
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I have no idea what's wrong with it, but call Philips. I had a Sonicare that was doing strange things. They sent me another one and a label to ship my busted one back. The first one they sent me was the wrong model (which mattered, because they only sent the main unit, so it didn't fit my existing charger) so I just called and they sent me another one. Very good customer service.

They didn't ask me for proof of warranty coverage so call even if you don't have a receipt.
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I bought mine through my dentist, who told me that I should have tried Phillips instead of taking it apart (thus breaking it further) 'cause their customer service is aces. Try them. In my case, a screw had backed out, so it really was a product failure, but I didn't know that until it was in many pieces.
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Response by poster: Called customer service and they could tell by the serial number it was still under warranty! Sent me a replacement in the mail.
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