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Guy Gift Filter - An old friend said he'd love to see pictures of us I still have. His birthday is coming up, so I thought it might be cute to make copies of pictures and cards he sent me way back when. I have one idea for putting them together, but it might not go over well. Ideas?

I'd like to keep it mostly casual but a little special and personal. I'm not going to compile the stuff in a photo album, that's way too much.

So I'd like to hear from the guys - what do you keep old photos and cards in? He doesn't smoke cigars or I would use a cigar box. A shoebox is a possibility, but the last ditch one. I'd rather shove it in a Manila envelope than do anything too precious.

Guys? Anything? (Thanks)
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I don't think you have to worry about things being precious. Just make it clean and useful. My dad's a pretty sentimental guy, he sits and looks through picture albums and stuff all the time. The thing he likes best is when everything's clearly labeled with dates and who's in the picture so he can more easily place the photos in his memories. My old friend has a hefty collection of photos and cards that he keeps in a few actual photo storage boxes, which you can find at the Container Store and office supply places. It's correctly sized for 8x10s and has lots of subdividers that he's neatly labeled, with index cards between different related photos, like "Ben's 16th Birthday 1995" and "Yosemite 89" and so-on. A photo box is nice in that they look clean and classy if you do nothing to them but you could make a slightly decorative label for the front that's a little personalized to remind your friend of you and him together. You could write little notes on cards slipped between the photos so the sentimentality is there but not necessarily glued on with ribbons or anything.
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I'm not a guy, but I'm wondering if this guy has feelings for you or you for him? I do have a best guy friend who I once gifted a small album of us (like 20 photos total), but it actually was a very special and emotional gift and I'm thinking maybe his mentioning wanting the photos might be tied to romantic feelings.

If not, well, then I'd probably not try to give them to him as a birthday gift but instead maybe just scan them and send him some jpegs. And then just hang out with him on his birthday, but not give him what can be construed as a personal gift.
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Okay, so he doesn't smoke cigars, but a used wooden cigar box can be had from the local cigar store for three bucks or so, and has a certain shabby-chic appeal.
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Scan and place on a usb thumb drive. Or, upload them to Picassa and keep them private, but send him a link. Then, he can do with them as he likes. In the email you send him with the link, make the subject something like "Happy friggin Birthday"
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If Teddy Roosevelt were sending you photographs from your adventures together back in the day, he'd pack them in a cigar box.

Not terribly fire or water proof, but you can't deny they're *masculine* keepsakes when they're in a cigar box.

Private papers go into envelopes. Important documents go into safes. But personal items, really personal ones, should always be stored in wooden cigar boxes.
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You can buy small accordion folders that you tie shut with string. Googling reveals that Moleskine makes a nice, journal style version. Check the local stationary shop. If you go with the moleskine, you would never admit to ordering it special.

I think an envelope and a pint would be the most appropriate.
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What about a digital picture frame loaded with all the pics and pictures of cards? Then he can choose where he puts it (in bedroom or more public area). He can also download the pics and put them anywhere else he wants them and/or reload the digital picture frame. It's like two gifts in one!
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This one (1) guy thinks that if you're really interested in keeping it casual, one of the electronic solutions suggested above is perfectly OK.

However you wind up sending them, I second Mizu's idea of having some labeling/dating/details included as part of the package. 78 pictures of two people grinning like loons can be hard to tell apart, whereas if you can include something about, "This is us at the amusement park in 1994" it's a big help in triggering memories.

disclaimer: IAN All Guys.
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