Do Numbers Have Souls?
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Do Numbers Have Souls?

I'm trying to recall the title of a movie in which the question above was asked by one of the characters. The thing came out in the early to mid 90's, and was surreal, making me think (these distant days) of Alice in Wonderland. The person who asked the question was mischievous or capriciously evil, and was asking it of a similarly tricky character. They were engaged in pseudo philosophical dialog in which the question was asked as part of a list of similar questions. I think these two were plotting against a protagonist of some kind, but - that's all I got. Thanks for reading.
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Best answer: The Music of Chance (1990) by Paul Auster has the following quote:

"I've dealt with numbers all my life, of course, and after a while you begin to feel that each number has a personality of its own. A twelve is very different from a thirteen, for instance. Twelve is upright, conscientious, intelligent, whereas thirteen is a loner, a shady character who won't think twice about breaking the law to get what he wants. Eleven is tough, an outdoorsman who likes tramping through the woods and scaling mountains; ten is rather simpleminded, a blank figure who always does what he's told; nine is deep and mystical, a Buddha of contemplation... Numbers have souls, and you can't help but get involved with them in a personal way." Paul Auster, The Music of Chance (1990)

It was made into a film in 1993.
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Was it Pi?
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Best answer: Yep, I'm thinking it's The Music of Chance.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you so much.
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Response by poster: Well, I'm pretty sure. I love Charles Durning, and though I would have remembered him. But this fits so well. It's certainly now at the top of my "To See" list. Memory is such a funny thing...
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Response by poster: I liked Pi too, but nope.
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Response by poster: Definitely - yup. Thanks again. The Alice in Wonderland stuff seems to have been coming from the projector, not the screen.
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Response by poster: i just noticed I'm wearing my Pi t-shirt. Maybe they do have souls...
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