Does anybody have any experiences using Ebooks for graduate level study? In particular Kindle books or books from Coursemart? Making citations?
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I'm going to be taking a few graduate courses online while traveling abroad. I need three textbooks. All three are available for the Kindle through Amazon. Only two are available through Coursemart. I bought a tablet with the hopes I could use it for the texts and avoid carrying three more books with me when traveling. I see two potential problems, that being said my question ultimately has two parts:

1. Can I get away with citing a Kindle book as a source? I know some books now have page numbers, but I suspect these may not. APA would be the appropriate style. If I can cite from a Kindle formatted book, how would I do so?

2. Coursemart offers the page numbers and same formatting as the hard copies, but of course you can't keep the books after the 6 month license. I may want to reference these down the road. Is there anyway to keep Coursemart texts indefinitely? Strip DRM or convert to another format.

Let me know your thoughts people. Thanks.
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You could get ahold of someone who has the dead-tree version and find out page numbers that way. Find out who in those classes has one and as them to help you out?

(And based on the two points you made, I'd go for Kindle versions instead of a digital file you have to relinquish. I wouldn't pay for a 'temporary' file.)
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Coursesmart textbooks are miserable experiences, so locked down as to be unusable. I can't imagine anyone would be concerned with citing the Kindle book. The bigger thing is that you don't generally cite your textbook (a tertiary or quaternary source) when you are writing a paper- you get primary and secondary sources that the textbook cites when writing papers.
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Your graduate program presumably has a library. Call up the Reference desk when you need help citing.
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