How will these shirts fit me?
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Anyone have any experience with Woolrich shirts?

I'm thinking about ordering a couple of Woolrich flannel or chamois shirts, in either their 9oz or 11oz weights, but I'm concerned about sizing.

Do they tend to run slim or roomy? Longer or shorter. I'm usually a 42" tall, but I prefer a slimmer cut and can often get away with a medium if the sleeves are long enough. Sizing is so out of control now, and international returns are a pain in the ass, so I want to be sure before I order.
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All my Woolrich shirts run wide and short.

All my Pendleton shirts run slim and long.

I prefer Pendleton, especially their wool shirts. Well worth the money.
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And remember, cotton flannel shrinks. Cheap flannel shirts shrink a lot; better quality shirts shrink less. I've put in a lot of person-years of flannel-shirt-wearing, and I've never had one at any price that didn't shrink. Woolrich is pretty good this way -- shrinkage is fairly minimal and slow. But sleeve length (and width across the shoulders) is where it shows up. So, if the shirt fits you perfectly in the shoulders and sleeves when you buy it, it will certainly be too small after a few washes.

I'd bet that these shirts will tend to be roomy -- 9oz or 11oz is heavy flannel, and these are probably cut to allow them to be worn over another shirt. And, if they're not offered in "tall" sizes or "slim cut," they'll be made to fit the average physique, which means room for a bit of belly.

It's a gamble, but I'd bet that, if you get this shirt in a size long enough to fit your height, it will be baggier around the middle than you want.

You could try this: call Woolrich, and ask them to give you the actual measurements of the shirt. Then compare this to a shirt you have that fits you well.
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