Is there a blog calendar program?
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Is there a blog or blog-like program that has a built-in calendar that users can post on?

I'm basically looking for an online calendar that I can post to like a blog. When someone looks at the site they could click on an item for a particular calendar day and get details.
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I did this on an MT install. It isn't live any longer and I cannot recall exactly how I did it, but I think I might have got the instructions from scriptygoddess.

Pretty much, all you're doing is posting to the blog on a specific date as if that was the date you were going to do something. The calendar template in turn makes everything look pretty, but nothing changes on the backend.
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Drupal. See event.module; also eventfinder.module, rsvp.module, and volunteer.module. (CivicSpace comes with 3 of those 4 pre-installed. Here's a sample calendar.)
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Do you want a calendar that blogs, or a blog that calendars? If it's the former, you can make "public" calendars with Trumba (out of Beta, no longer free), and probably write what you need to write in the "description" field. This would give you a really powerful calendar that you can do cool stuff with privately, and also happens to be public.

No thoughts on the "blog that calendars."
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pMachine has that. And now that they are concentrating all their energies on Expression Engine, pMachine is free.
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