Idea for a "Stop and Think" tattoo
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My friend would like ideas for a tattoo that would remind him to stop and think before acting and to remain calm. I've found this image which comes close. Any other ideas?
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Don't Panic
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I sometimes write a focus symbol like on a camera on things to remind myself to focus.

Unfortunately I can't find a good image, but it's just basically two brackets with a dot in the center:

[*] but with the dot being centered and not an asterisk.

Or maybe his dot could be a snail or a clock to remind him to slow down. Or a stop sign.
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Best answer: How about some variation of pause?
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WW[initials of someone he admires]D?
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How about the "CAREFUL NOW" sign from Father Ted?
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Best answer: If the idea of a pause appeals but the design of the traditional pause button doesn't, the fermata might be another option.
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An outline of Gold 5's Y-wing fighter and the text "Stay On Target".
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Keep Calm and Carry On?
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I have long wanted to get "Erleichda!" tattooed on my inner wrist.

according to Tom Robbin's translation of this ostensibly medieval Bavarian term, it means "Lighten Up!"
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from Jitterbug Perfume I meant to say
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Kinda obvious but 'think' inside a stop sign (hexagon) might fit the bill. Or even just an empty hexagon with nothing in it.....
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Be careful if you go with "Pause" since it could easily be confused with "Equality" if you don't take steps to make it very clear. I'm not saying that's a bad thing (and I stand firmly on the side of equality), but it might not be the message he wants to convey and might invite comments that cause the exact opposite effect from what he desires.
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Best answer: It needs to be somewhere on his body that he cannot hide from his own view and that he is likely to notice regularly without trying, particularly in situations where he may not want to notice it.

And it doesn't really matter what the tattoo actually looks like, since he will know its significance and since its meaning is relevant only to him, and not to other people. In fact, he probably should not get something that others will be able to figure out is a message to himself not to be impulsive, since a tattoo for that purpose is, let's say, ironic.

So, location: The back of his hand. He'll see it all the time, whether he likes it or not.

And what to get? A tiny blue dot or a tiny blue line, to look like he has been inadvertently marked by a blue pen. Only he will know its meaning, and it will be effective and unobtrusive.

Relevant personal anecdote: When I was in, I think, 4th Grade, I was running through my school library carrying a very sharp pencil. Predictably, I ended up stabbing myself in the center of the palm of my hand with the pencil. That was a couple few decades ago. I still have a black dot in the center of the palm of my hand. I notice it every time I see my hand. Nobody else has ever noticed it. And I don't run with pencils anymore.
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I'm dating myself, but "Poor Impulse Control" and not on the forehead.
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A friend of mine with certain personality...quirks...he struggles against has "Stop Telling Lies" tattooed in elegant cursive on the inside of his left wrist. Wears a watch when it doesn't need to show. Looks at it all the time, otherwise.
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I have a friend with a "Mind the Gap" tattoo, for this very reason. Inside of the wrist is the perfect spot.
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A meditation labyrinth that he can trace with his finger?
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Maybe a bit more nerdy than you're thinking, but any of the common "Festina Lente" symbols might work, especially if he's a Renaissance and/or humanism nerd (and who isn't, really?) and familiar with the adage the symbols are derived from.
Here is the Wiki article on "Festina Lente"
and Here is the text from Erasmus' "Adages" (starting p 132)
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Lindsay Lohan has the word "Breathe" tattooed on her wrist, which is possibly the single best thing she's done since "Parent Trap." I think Miley and a couple other child stars have some version of "Om". Hey, just because the kiddos are doing it doesn't make it a bad idea.

How about a symbol on the inside of his wrist, like an anchor (for stability) or a bird (as a reminder to step out of the situation for a moment), or an owl (for wisdom), or even a silhouette of Rodin's Thinker. Or even a clock face?
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