Help me exchange my iPhone
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Help me find a reason to exchange my iPhone 4s at the Apple Store. I've got an iPhone 4s for Verizon and I love it. Last month it started making a vibration or rattle in the receiver earpiece. It is noticed when on a phone call and the other person is speaking. It's a pretty annoying vibration.

I made an appointment at my local Apple Store with a Genius last week. He told me this wasn't a reason for replacement, however he said he'd take my phone around back and tighten up something.

It didn't work.

He told me that he could exchange my phone for a new one for any other reason, just not this issue. He was defiantly telling me in no uncertain terms that he could exchange it for ANYTHING else.

First of all, I think that is a load. I mean if something is wrong with your phone, then something is wrong. It shouldn't really matter what that something is.

So I guess I need to find a reason to return a perfectly good iPhone (except for the earpiece rattle) to the Apple Store.
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Tell him it's not keeping its charge.
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Have you had the phone less than a year? If so, call Apple Care. I've had luck going through them to authorize repair/replacement.
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I work tech support for another cell phone company. I agree that this is a load, and I might ask to speak to a supervisor if you're comfy with being confrontative. They should at minimum be able to repair the speaker on that handset and I would certainly approve a replacement for a phone with a rattle in the speaker like that (given warranty coverage, etc. etc.).
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The more I think about it the more this ticks me off. I'd seriously consider whether or not I'd want to keep my service with a company who won't take care of an issue like this. Personally, I'd go as far as to let their cancellation department know how I felt about it and see if they could help me if other resources fail. The cell phone industry is extremely competitive and companies want to keep the customers they have. If you've had service with them for a while they should try to help you.
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If you have the iPhone through Verizon, you should be able to take it to the Verizon store. Generally at Verizon they will replace the phone if you can replicate the problem in the store.
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Try verizon, or try a different apple store.
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Response by poster: I like the idea of the Verizon store. I'll bet if I went up to the Verizon store, they'd replace it with a brand new phone as compared to a refurbished phone from the Apple Store or Apple Care.
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I would also try the Verizon store, or another Apple store or even another Genius.

However, Verizon would probably give also you a refurb - at least they do with all their other models.
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Response by poster: I wonder if their refurbs are the same as I would get from the Apple the black plastic boxes.
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That sounds like a load to me, too. My husband was able to exchange his iPhone for a brand new one, two years in, because the headphone jack was loose. All of the other Geniuses at our store have been great. So... I don't know; maybe try another person? Maybe this guy was just being a jerk.
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Are you sure it's the phone? Have you tried using different headphones? Were you able to demonstrate this problem in the presence of the Genius?
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I recently got a refurb on my HTC Incredible 2. It was mailed with direction for activation, in a box with a built-in slot for it. I did ask about the refurbs before getting it, and the Verizon rep told me that she almost never hears about people having problems with refurbs, but a decent amount of complaints about the originals.
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He was defiantly telling me in no uncertain terms that he could exchange it for ANYTHING else.

So, it sounds to me like he was trying to tell you that you needed to make up ANY other reason and he would exchange it for you right there and then, because he is not allowed to exchange it for the issue you identified. He was trying to do you a favor. Go back to the apple store and tell them the phone smells funny or sometimes won't turn on or has terrible battery life or the volume control sometimes doesn't work right or something. As the "genius" told you "in no uncertain terms," he can exchange it for ANYTHING else. So exchange it for something else. Anything else.
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The World Famous has it. I can imagine a scenario where there's a problem they're not willing to admit yet and staff are being dissuaded from making it trackable in the database field marked "Reason for Return".
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I wouldn't worry about getting a refurb. Apple refurbs are more often glitch free than their original devices. Think about it: originals are build by underpaid and stressed factory workers in China. Refurbs are carefully gone over by Apple techs. this article glances on the topic.

Also, I agree that the guy was trying to do you a favor. I'd go back to the Apple store and try your luck with someone else.
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Response by poster: I've heard the same thing about the refurbs being 'better' than the originals for the same reasons you pointed out.

I've scheduled a new appointment with the Genius people.
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Response by poster: Update: I had the phone replaced with no problem at the Genius bar. I didn't even bother making up something else. Was just honest and told them the problem again and that it was not acceptable.

She replaced it on the spot.
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