Romcaffe coffee
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Is there any store in the U.S. where I can buy (or mail order) "Romcaffe caffe filtro" coffee?

I had Romcaffe coffee at a hotel, but I haven't seen it for sale anywhere in the U.S., and I haven't been able to find it online.

Here's the company's website (warning, a lot of flash):

Thank you.
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My best guess would be Eataly, in New York, or another food market that sources Italian specialty food items. Though I think their caffe is under contract to Lavazza, I'm not sure whether they carry other brands of coffee.

In the New York area you could also try BuonItalia and Pastosa, which are smaller businesses that might be able to special order something for you. I was just in Pastosa's Bensonhurst location and remember they had a lot of super-weird Italian coffee and beverage stuff.
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I don't know! But I do love Italian coffee (Crema espresso which I make to coffee strength) and buy it from this place, just 'round the corner from my office. You might give them a call!
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Sara C.! I owe you a cup!
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Also, if you make no headway, googling implies they have a roastery in Montreal. Which would indicate that they distribute somewhere in North America at least.
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Thanks guys, I didn't know about these places. I'll definitely try Eataly and, if they don't have it, the other two places Sara C. suggested.
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