Is there a receiver that will let me switch HDMI audio and video independently?
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I need to buy a new receiver.

Most importantly, I am wondering if I can get one that can switch video between HDMI independent of the audio channel.
I had this feature for RCA systems many years back, but I don't know if its possible or readily available for systems where HDMI inputs both the audio and video.

So, what I need is:
Independent Video Switching
3+ (prefereably 4/5 with an auxillary front input) HDMI Inputs
1+ Composite inputs
2+ RCA Inputs (with an auxillary front input)
1+ HDMI out

Ive had 3 in the last 15 years,
an old pioneer (which still lives as a video switcher at my friends house)
A technics SA-DZ940: Still use it on my secondary (PC) setup. Solid, but too hot.
Currently, I'm using an Onkyo TX-SR605 (I certainly didn't pay that much for it), but the composites and rca output has broken and become so weak that my TV doesn't see it as a signal (though running in directly to the TV works fine).

So, is this possible? Id like to retire the technics, because its having other issues, and rotate in the Onkyo. However, I would really like it to switch video independently, and be able to handle HDMI as the audio and video inputs.

Any suggestions?
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I don't think there are any receivers that let you choose between switch HDMI video and audio. That would require extra hardware for this function and would be expensive if it was available.

You could use the TV for switching video and the reciever for switching audio.
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You might be able to use a Gefen switch and route audio to the receiver. I'm curious if there's an answer to this, because I have a projector I'd like to hook up to HDMI devices without a nest of separate audio cabling...
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I would also like to see an answer to this, I'm currently using a Pioneer VSX-1019AH (4 HDMI ins) and overall I'm extremely happy with it. What I really want though is to be able to mix and match the audio/video signals (listen to one source while outputting another, or vice versa).
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